Fax to Email the benefits of free faxing

For almost 40 years companies have been sending faxes via analgoue phone lines using plastic brick type fax machines. Although technology has improved and these fax devices now feature laser printers, scanners and photocopiers the underlying fax technology has remained the same. Paper wastage, ink and toner costs are three of the hidden costs that most fax users do not take into consideration when using a fax machine. Most people when sending a fax believe that simply the time it takes to send is the main part of the faxing cost. When you factor in the failed prints, and faxes that are instantly thrown away due to their junk nature the cost soon becomes far higher than most expect.

When email came along most professionals could see the end of the fax machine, however it is still here and still widely used in all forms of business. Its ease of use to send a replica document from point to point has meant its life as an office piece of equipment is not over yet. However modern security implications of open faxing have recently spelt another nail in the coffin for the use of a standard fax machine.

This is where faxing to email and emailing to fax are beginning to take over.

Fax to Email

As you will see from the number of different products on these pages, most operate in a similar manner. If you wish to receive a fax directly to your email account, then you setup your own dedicated fax number with your chosen supplier and attach your email address to that account. When anyone faxes your number, the suppliers systems decode that into an email attachment that is then sent to you. Privately, securely and without the waste of paper and ink that conventional faxing encounters.

Email to Fax

It does not get much simpler than this; got a document you want to send on your computer? Load it, print to your fax printer, input the phone number and it is sent. Depending on the provider used this may send a copy back to your email account when confirmed sent, or in fact use your email to send the document as an attachment to your prescribed fax email address. Your providers systems then encode the attachment(s) and send to your destination.

Benefits of fax to email systems,

Mobile faxing - use on your laptop, pda, mobile without the need for a fixed land line of brick faxing machine.

Value for money faxing - no need for a land line fax number, fax machine, ink/toner, paper, just an email account

Reliable and professional - The use of an external fax provider means you are getting professional backup if things go wrong they are there to help.

Green faxing - With less waste, lower costs per page and faster sending the green credentials of fax to email are clear.